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Lord, That I May Know You: The Agony and Glory of Pursuing God

In this book, some will rediscover, while some will discover for the first time, that knowing and walking with God is not as complicated as many would say. God is very approachable and loving. He desires all to experience His grace and love. The greatest privilege afforded to mankind is to be in relationship with the Creator: God Almighty. Would a loving God and Creator of all invite us into relationship with Him and complicate the process? According to many, He does! However, this is not true.


Within the pages of this book, are practical and biblical truths that will not only revolutionize your relationship with God but set your heart on fire for Him and clear up all the myths concerning Him. No matter how horrible your past, how much dirt you have committed, or even if you hate God, you will realize that His love for you is so powerful and compelling. Once you meet Him, He will not only change your life but your eternal destiny as well.

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