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Service Rates

Pastoral Counseling and Life Coaching is an investment in yourself and can change your life for years to come. We offer counseling and coaching sessions in-person and online. We also offer secure messaging as an optional feature if you would like to talk with your counselor daily for additional support. These rates apply to both individuals and couples.


60 minutes - $150/Hour

Virtual and In-person

Payment plan available


Group Sessions - $75 per person (Up to 120 Minutes)

*Discounts vary by circumstance


We do not accept any form of insurance at this time but we do provide payment plans. 

1. You have the freedom to choose your counselor/coach and the type of care you receive. When you are paying privately, you have the autonomy to choose the best counselor suited for your needs rather than the insurance company limiting who you can see and limiting the number of sessions. You also have flexibility in the type of counseling, who to include in the session, and the length of services.

2. You and/or your child will not be labeled with a mental health diagnosis. You must be diagnosed with a mental health diagnosis in order for your therapy to be covered by an insurance company, which can affect future coverage. Not all people who seek counseling necessarily have a mental health diagnosis. Often, individuals are experiencing normal reactions to stressful or challenging life situations and just need support with that process.

3. You will have complete confidentiality. Your records will not be shared with anyone without your permission. In fact, no one else will know you are in counseling unless you tell them. 


4. You will be able to stay with your counselor even if your insurance plan coverage changes. Paying privately means you don't need permission from a third-party, and that you have complete control over which provider you see and for how long.

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